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  • FROM MARCH 14 TO SEPTEMBER 1, FEATURED IN “1924-2024. A century in the history of the University of Trieste"

  • From 16 December 2023 to 19 May 2024 present in “Matter and Memory” in Suzzara (MN)

Museum Galleria Premio Suzzara
from 16 December 2023 to 19 May 2024

Matter and Memory

Materia e Memoria

Four paintings by Tullio Vietri are featured in Section 5, “Petrolio” (“Petroleum”) along with works by Mario Nanni, Dino Boschi, Concetto Pozzati, Sergio Sarri, Sandro Luporini, Ugo Sergi and Benito Turchetto, and, reflecting on industrialisation, its impact on the city and the landscape, the spread of the cold rationality of machines. A fifth painting is, meanwhile, in section 3. Exercises of style, that focus their attention on visual communication-massification of the visual message, a theme well alive since the 1950s-60s.

A happy return for Tullio Vietri, who participated in numerous editions of the Suzzara Prize in the 1960s, also intervening in the debate on the renewal of the Prize itself. For the Tullio Vietri Atelier it is a welcome opportunity to donate new pieces to the Gallery, to be added to the one already in the collection, awarded in 1962. It is also an opportunity to create an ideal bridge with the nearby town of Viadana, also in the province of Mantua, which is presenting a solo exhibition of Vietri’s work in the halls of the MuVi until January 7, 2024, in which the themes of the pieces on display in Suzzara are coherently contextualized.

Catalog available at the Galleria del Premio Suzzara.

From 16 December 2023 to 19 May 2024
Museum Galleria del Premio Suzzara
Via Don G. Bosco 2/a, Suzzara (MN)

Road Map

Tullio Vietri

The Atelier

The atelier preserves the family’s rich pictorial and graphic collection (approximately 1,500 pieces, between paintings and graphics). It periodically organizes temporary exhibitions within its spaces, in order to promote knowledge about the collection, displaying the works in rotation.

It is located in Bologna in Via Saragozza 135 under the historic portico of San Luca.
The Atelier can be visited, by appointment, from October to June. Guided tours available.

Tullio Vietri

The Museum

The Biblioteca Civica, managed by the Oderzo Cultura Foundation, displays the core of the collection owned by the Municipality of Oderzo, by the artist’s behest, custodian of his artworks (about 4000 pieces including paintings and graphics).

It is located in Oderzo (TV) in Via Garibaldi 80 at the Civic Library.
It can be visited during library opening hours and by appointment.