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  • FROM MARCH 14 TO SEPTEMBER 1, FEATURED IN “1924-2024. A century in the history of the University of Trieste"

  • From 16 December 2023 to 19 May 2024 present in “Matter and Memory” in Suzzara (MN)

Solo exhibition Milan
October 20 – November 26 – 2023

Breaking News

Breaking News

A chronicle in images of the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the new century

Casa della Memoria of the Municipality of Milan proposes “Breaking News”, an exhibition by Tullio Vietri curated by Fabio Fornasari. Museums, theaters, cinemas… they are not just places of leisure and entertainment, but also environments where thoughts, subjects and knowledge relevant to civic life are proposed. Is it possible to consider a painter’s studio as an equal to a place of civic engagement? A possible answer can be found in Tullio Vietri’s research and pieces. He has subjected to precise analysis the current social, political and economic dynamics, pointing out, in visual form, their effects on the contemporary man’s existence. On display are his Breaking News, daily news that Vietri transformed into a pictorial message that spurs into reflection and involvement: from massacres to global pollution, from criticism of Italian politics to international politics.

Inauguration of the exhibition
Friday 20, an interesting three voices presentation. Maria Fratelli, director of Special Projects of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Milan, has placed the emphasis on the role of the artist that, with his art and his emotionality, knows how to lead us beyond the crudeness of photography and return historical reality to a higher, more intense level of thought. Fabio Fornasari, architect-museologist and curator of the exhibition, has highlighted the peculiarity of this exhibition-installation that goes beyond the pieces on display, in the living reconstruction of the artist’s personality and thought, a consolidated stratified consciousness recognisable in his workspace. Roberto Costella, art historian and art critic to whom we owe the presentation in the catalog, has talked about Vietri as an artist, his aesthetic choices, his testimonial intent, and his civil commitment. He also talked about Vietri as a man, progressive but at the same time critical of a modernity devoid of ethical values, that denies centrality to the man, voluntarily self-excluded for long years but deeply convinced of the communicative function of art. Today, Vietri would surely be proud to see his works of art hosted by Casa della Memoria, an ideal place for him, thanks to the voluntary work of those who, like him, believe that gratuitousness is essential for full freedom of communication. His daughter, Silvia Vietri, had the welcome task of thanking the participants and introducing the live concert that closed the evening, a musical improvisation by Tactil≁Chelidon Frame, playing the background sound “Ambiente per Vietri” (“Ambient music for Vietri”) written by Paolo Ferrario.
Tullio Vietri

The Atelier

The atelier preserves the family’s rich pictorial and graphic collection (approximately 1,500 pieces, between paintings and graphics). It periodically organizes temporary exhibitions within its spaces, in order to promote knowledge about the collection, displaying the works in rotation.

It is located in Bologna in Via Saragozza 135 under the historic portico of San Luca.
The Atelier can be visited, by appointment, from October to June. Guided tours available.

Tullio Vietri

The Museum

The Biblioteca Civica, managed by the Oderzo Cultura Foundation, displays the core of the collection owned by the Municipality of Oderzo, by the artist’s behest, custodian of his artworks (about 4000 pieces including paintings and graphics).

It is located in Oderzo (TV) in Via Garibaldi 80 at the Civic Library.
It can be visited during library opening hours and by appointment.