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Solo Exhibition – Art City Bologna

The art
in information

The art
in information
Solo exhibition in the Art City Bologna circuit, 2021
The exhibition, curated by Sandro Malossini, presents a selection of eighteen paintings from 1975 to 2008, mostly unpublished, all from the Tullio Vietri Atelier, that preserves the family’s private collection. An excursus on more than thirty years of pictorial research that well highlights the way and sense with which the artist uses newspapers, posters and headlines to structure his language, taking the printed word to unusual results. The catalog, edited by Sandro Malossini, includes a critical text by Roberto Costella. The exhibition is inaugurated by Silvia Zanasi, Vice President of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region.
Sunday 9, a welcome surprise visit from the Mayor and Cultural Councillor of Oderzo and representatives of the Oderzo Cultura Foundation.
From the left, Oliva Covre (OC Councillor), Silvia Vietri (daughter of the artist), Maria Teresa De Gregorio (OC President), Maria Scardellato (Mayor of Oderzo)
Again, Maria Scardellato, Silvia Vietri, Oliva Covre and the Cultural Councillor Lara Corte
Tullio Vietri, Art City Bologna 2021: The Art in Information
Tullio Vietri

The Atelier

The atelier preserves the family’s rich pictorial and graphic collection (approximately 1,500 pieces, between paintings and graphics). It periodically organizes temporary exhibitions within its spaces, in order to promote knowledge about the collection, displaying the works in rotation.

It is located in Bologna in Via Saragozza 135 under the historic portico of San Luca.
The Atelier can be visited, by appointment, from October to June. Guided tours available.

Tullio Vietri

The Museum

The Biblioteca Civica, managed by the Oderzo Cultura Foundation, displays the core of the collection owned by the Municipality of Oderzo, by the artist’s behest, custodian of his artworks (about 4000 pieces including paintings and graphics).

It is located in Oderzo (TV) in Via Garibaldi 80 at the Civic Library.
It can be visited during library opening hours and by appointment.